We want to be honest But we fail to do so. We live in a world full of realities and truths A world that failed to be truthful, A post truth reality controlled by fake facts. We speculate fake history. Fake history, a hypothesis we depend on to find truth. We want to be honest. But we fail to do so… Theme The decision of an insider makes an outsider. The insider become another outsider. Endlessly over layered relationships of “insider-outsider” in london, generate unrevealed facts of truth. Purpose Creating a dialogue between the diverse thresholds of the identities inhabiting london “To be honest” is a 7 day festival that aims to unfold truth through accumulating layers of manufactured facts of unknown validity . This festival aims to target the neighboring communities, artistic groups, students, elderly and any person seeking truth. About the Outsiders oA(of Alternatives), a young artist collective on the behalf of AAIS(Architectural Association Interprofessional Studio) from AA(Architectural Association school of Architecture) in London. Composed of 5 outsiders of London, trying to be honest about the truth of manufactured reality. Content Workshops Talks and Discussions Live Shows(ex,Poem night, Improvised standing comedy, DJ, Bands .etc) Live Performances(Choreographed) Permanent exhibition live feed broadcast Open Cinema Opening / Closing Party